Suwanee-based StillFire Brewing is now accepting Bitcoin payments in its taproom

StillFire Brewing at Suwanee was among the first breweries to start in Gwinnett. Now it is getting the first brewery from Georgia to take a distinct, and emerging, kind of money.

‘Bitcoin enables our clients a more affordable, quicker, and more safe approach to appreciate our beer,”’ StillFire General Manager Aaron Bisges explained. ‘Our patrons need simplicity and we’re excited to have the ability to provide them’

The brewery is denying the advantages of utilizing Bitcoin, that it described as’most of the advantages of money – no third party participation or bank prices – coupled with benefits of digital trades,’ as reasons why it chose to start taking the crypto-currency.

StillFire will utilize CoinBase, and it will be a Bitcoin payment chip, to take care of the payments. The chip is intended to let retailers accept Bitcoin and after that have U.S. dollars deposited into their bank account to get a 1 percent commission the following moment.

In contrast, StillFire officials stated, a retailer may be billed 2% to 3 percent with a credit card chip in addition to the costs of equipment leasing, registration fees and addressing problems about fraudulent charge-backs.

The brewery said with CoinBase also needs to handle some issues customers have about’Bitcoin’s cost volatility’

‘It is apparent to people that today’s clients are tech-savvy and want to do their browsing and shopping on line,’ Bisges stated. ‘The natural development from here would be to begin supplying cryptocurrency and we are really excited about seeing exactly how many men and women are eager to buy this manner.