Bitcoin Trader is a trading software that enables investors to take advantage of the powerful cryptocurrency markets and to profit from either auto or manual trading. This advanced software boasts a 99.4% success rate, while traders can earn over $1,300 per day on average. To top it off, the Bitcoin Trader app has won a number of awards including the number one spot in the trading software category from the US Trading Association. So, the fact is, Bitcoin Trader sounds great, but is it for real?

Automatic trading strategies and signals give traders a huge advantage in the online trading industry. This is because it removes the need for intensive analysis and understanding of the market movements as well as any human emotions which could negatively impact one’s trading activities. With all this in mind, it will be interesting to analyze Bitcoin Trader and to evaluate this software and how it can positively impact one’s trading and profits. At the end of our review, you will be able to judge for yourself and decide whether this is one of the many scams in the market or it is indeed a legit and rewarding software that enables you to trade Bitcoin and other assets effectively.

But first things first…

How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

Bitcoin Trader’s creators state that the software has been built using advanced programming, which allows for the exploitation of the time leap technology due to the program’s lightning speed trade execution. We managed to learn more about the basic principle around this: Bitcoin Trader accounts are automatically connected to Virtual Private Servers (VPS). This ensures that the signals generated are executed in the market in real time. Basically, there is no time lapse at all and in this way, the app manages to stay ahead of the markets by 0,01 seconds. If you are a trader, you fully understand the advantage of this in the fast-moving financial markets.

We also know that auto-trading software can execute far more trades than humans can and as a result, this could spell considerably more potential profits. A good auto-trading app is capable of finding profitable trades even when the markets are very volatile. By using the best trends as well as advanced algorithms and specific parameters, it can bring attractive earnings to investors, while preventing potential losses.

Bitcoin Trader’s modus operandi incorporates all the above-mentioned advantages and thus, managed to impress us. In a market where scams are all over the place, Bitcoin Trader is a breath of fresh air.

Bitcoin Trader Scam – Is Bitcoin Trader Safe?

Trading software has a lot of advantages in comparison to human traders: they can scan an impressive number of price charts, they are created with the capability of incorporating many parameters used for making trading decisions and their preset parameters help them chose whether to trigger a trading signal or not. Despite the many benefits that trading software offers, investors should be really wary of the potential safety concerns before choosing a trading application, as there are, of course, risks and scams in the industry.

From the Bitcoin Trader website, as mentioned before, we learn that this software has won a number of awards. This should provide investors with a lot of comfort since it proves that Bitcoin Trader is trustworthy and recognized by others.

We also checked the testimonials on the Bitcoin Trader site and verified that they are real, and the individuals actually profited from this trading app. Additionally, Bitcoin Trader benefits from the thumbs up it has received from big anti-virus software companies, such as Norton and McAfee.

How to Start Using Bitcoin Trader UK

According to Bitcoin Trader’s official website, investors only have to follow 3 straightforward steps in order to start using this powerful software:

Step 1: Fill Out the Registration Form on their Landing Page

Once you have completed the registration process, you will automatically become a member of the Bitcoin Trader team and, more importantly, you will get access to the Bitcoin trading software free of charge. The company doesn’t charge any kind of fees or commissions and furthermore, the invested money and profits can be withdrawn at any time.

Step 2: Fund Your Account

The minimum investment requirement is $250, which is on the lowest ends in terms of deposit sizes. There are various secure and safe payment methods to choose from, so every trader can opt for the one they prefer.

Step 3: Start Trading

Click trade to activate the auto-trading software. They also offer a manual trading option, for those investors who prefer to take matters into their own hands.

Overall, Bitcoin Trader not only seems, but it is indeed, very easy to set up. The software is free, apart from the necessary investment to actually start trading and making profits. Last but not least, we liked that it offers the possibility for manual trading, which is a big plus because it makes the app enticing for people who prefer staying in control of their trading activities.

How Does Bitcoin Trader’s Interface Look and Feel?

After you have finished the simple registration steps, you can delve into the actual fun part: trading. But before this, there is one more capital thing to discuss: The Bitcoin Trader trading interface.

The Bitcoin Trader interface is, simply put, what we hope to see with every trading software or broker in the markets. It’s extremely intuitive, user-friendly, fast-paced and it benefits from a well-thought, perfectly integrated responsive design, ideally suited for both desktop and mobile devices. Investors can find everything they need on just one page including their open trades, the incoming signals, the profits they made, available assets and more.

Another thing to note: there’s no download required, so no time wasted.

Is Bitcoin Trader A Scam or Not?

After fully testing the Bitcoin Trader software, we can safely say it looks very much like a legit app. Due to its complex auto-trading execution system, Bitcoin Trader promises an almost perfect score of successful trades and it really delivers.

Furthermore, investors can rest assured that the risks are minimal in terms of safety and security. The app received a quality certification from the US Trading Association and famous antivirus companies also gave it the green light.

In terms of overall functionality, Bitcoin Trader is intuitive, easy to use and to navigate, making online trading exciting and lucrative. It offers just the right amount of flexibility, while managing to keep itself user-friendly and effective, at the core.

The Final Word

In a world where time is money, to have a solid source of income with minimum investment is almost like a goldmine; and that’s exactly what Bitcoin Trader is. To top it off, the best part about it: you don’t even need to have a great deal of knowledge about the financial markets or Bitcoin, since its entirely automated!