Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard Confident Bitcoin Not a Threat to US Dollar

‘I only think for Fed coverage, it is likely to be a buck market so far as the eye could see – a buck international market actually so much as the eye could see – and if the gold price goes down or up, or even the bitcoin cost goes down or up, does not actually impact that,’ that the St. Louis Fed president clarified.

Bullard expressed concerns regarding widespread monetary transactions employing distinct cryptocurrencies which aren’t issued by authorities. ‘Dollars may be exchanged electronically , so I am not sure that is really the matter here. The matter is individually issued money,’ he claimed.

Then he referenced time prior to the Civil War, explaining that in the time it had been standard for banks to issue their own monies. He likened the problem to financial institutions – including Bank of America, JPMorgan, along with Wells Fargo – having different brands of bucks, elaborating:

They were trading about and they exchanged at unique discounts to one another, and folks didn’t enjoy it whatsoever. I believe exactly the identical thing would happen with bitcoin here.

‘You do not wish to visit a nonuniform money where you are walking to Starbucks and perhaps you’ll cover ethereum, perhaps you’ll cover money, perhaps you’ll cover bitcoin, perhaps you’ll cover a buck. That is not the way we do so. We’ve got a uniform money that arrived in at the Civil War period,’ he confirmed.

Seeing whether bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrencies pose a danger to the U.S. buck, Bullard worried that rivalry is not anything new and has been around for centuries. ‘It’s a money contest, and investors need a secure haven. They need a secure store of value, then they would like to run their own investments in that money,’ he explained.

‘Neither of these Will replace the buck,’ he highlighted, finishing:

It would be quite tough to receive a private money that is more like gold to perform that role, therefore I do not think we are likely to observe any changes later on.

Meanwhile, some analysts aren’t as optimistic regarding the U.S. buck as Bullard. In July this past year, Goldman Sachs cautioned the U.S. buck risks losing its entire reserve currency position.