2021’s NFT Boom Pushes Collectors Toward Rare and Older Collections

After the NFT hype of 2021, old non-fungible token (NFT), collections are in high demand. NFTs were created in 2014 by someone who called it OLGA.

The birth of OLGA and Spells Of Genesis (SoG), Terra nullius V2, Etheria v1.1 and Etheria v1.2 were all part of the year that followed. SoG cards have been selling for much more since the hype surrounding the 2021 NFT.

SoG Cards are available for sale starting at $199 and going up to $2000 per card. The floor price for NFTs originating from Terra Nullius is 0.04ether, or $150 USD value on Opensea’s NFT marketplace.

Etheria world NFTs can still be purchased via the Etheria Exchange. However, a minimum bid of 0.1 ETH is required or it will cost $385 per unit. Sarutobi Island NFTs were crafted in 2016 and are currently at a floor price around 0.03 Ethereum, or $115.

NFTs like Force of Will and Rare Pepes, Age of Chains and Pixel Map sell for much more than in 2016. Pixelmap NFTs are with a floor price at 0.75 Ethereum or more .

Cryptopunks and Cryptokitties, Curio Cards, Rare Pepes and Cryptopunks

The total market capitalization for the entire 1,774 rare pepe NFTs collection is currently around a>>4.1 billion. Opensea’s rare and vaulted pepes can be purchased for a lot of money and are also available for counterparty (XCP), via the XCP decentralized Exchange (dex), and dispensary sales.

The My Curio Card is now available for auction on Opensea starting at 0.299 Ethereum, or $1151. Curio cards can also be auctioned at a value of 1-2 Ethereum. This is also true for Cryptopunks and older 2017 NFT collection.

While the Cryptopunks floor prices for one digital collectible are not low, dappradar.com stats indicate that it is $235.43K. However, the average price per punk is $119.75K. The total sales of Cryptopunks in 2017 was $2.32 Billion.

The Diecast Club Collection and My Blockchain Corner are also popular 2017 series NFT collections. These collections are also experiencing a higher value and new demand from NFT investors.

Crypto Kitties became so popular in the first week of December 2017 that the Ethereum blockchain was overwhelmed by the project. The project’s NFTs are still in high demand from collectors. Despite the fact that 2021 was a hot topic and there were many NFT collections, 2018, we also made significant progress towards the NFT ecosystem we now know.

High-dollar NFTs also sell well from 2018 collections, such as Ethertulips and Crypto Fighters. The Axie Infinity tokens are non-fungible and were also launched in 2018. A lot more people will be interested in the Axie NFTs in 2021.

Pixelcons, Crypto Graphics and Realms of Ether are all old school projects that are now seeing increased sales. Old school NFTs from long-forgotten collections are increasingly sought after because of their rarity.