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Top-Notch Reasons To Buy The Bitcoin Dip!

Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency company, has experienced a difficult time in recent years as bitcoin’s value tumbled along with the market capitalization. The market value of Bitcoin plunged significantly on May 19, and the price of bitcoin has remained stable at an average level since then.

The value of bitcoin remains enormous and immense, regardless of the market crash. However, short-term investors who suffered a loss from the crash are unsure whether they should invest in bitcoin.

Although bitcoin’s value may have dropped following the crash, it has resolved some problems. The crash has relieved the bitcoin mining industry. Crypto enthusiasts have also acknowledged the resilience of decentralized finance and exchange platforms in the event of a crash.

Investors are curious about whether to invest in bitcoin after the crash. There are websites which can help you purchase bitcoins via Paypal and make profitable results. These are just a few of the reasons you should invest in bitcoins after the dip. Let’s take a closer look.

How Did Bitcoin Become A Dip?

The bitcoin dip shocked all entities of the bitcoin network, as bitcoin’s value fell in an alarming amount. The value of bitcoin and almost all other digital coins declined to an exorbitant extent.

The fact that bitcoin fell half a percent from its highest price in just a few weeks after the market crash may shock you. After the crash, the bitcoin value was only $30000, while the value for ethereum was $2200. The average price of bitcoin fell by 30%, while ethereum’s value dropped by 45%. These are just a few reasons bitcoin experienced a dip.

US Crypto Panel –United States made a huge profit last year from bitcoin, thanks to crypto investors who earned a staggering $400 billion dollars. The growing interest in cryptocurrency by investors has prompted the United States to create a new cryptocurrency panel. This panel will have strict rules about bitcoin and other digital currency.

Elon Musk-Elon Musk was the co-founder and CEO of Tesla motors. This electric car company is based in California. Elon Musk is the most active entrepreneur within the cryptocurrency industry. Elon Musk also passed several statements about bitcoin. Most of these statements were in support of bitcoin and had a positive impact on the bitcoin price. The tweet by Elon Musk, 13 May, which stated that bitcoin would be suspended as a payment option for a while, however, has impacted the bitcoin’s value to an extreme extent.

China announcement Similar to the United States of America, investors in China were similarly investing huge amounts of money in bitcoin to receive a passive income. China announced recently that it would be cracking down on cryptocurrency. China announced on the 18th of May that it would crack down on cryptocurrency. This led to the cryptocurrency market crash. The crackdown didn’t stop bitcoin trading or investment progress, but it did include rendering services about cryptocurrency and banning Bitcoin mining. It is also the main reason for the cryptocurrency market crash.

Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin!

It is important to sell low and buy high when trading and investing. Bitcoin’s value is currently low, but it’s worth investing resources if it does rise. Although bitcoin may decline further in the coming months according to some economists, the technical analysis of bitcoin shows that bitcoin has different aspects.

According to a few reliable sources and technical breakdowns, bitcoin stays stuck at an average price for quite some time after a cryptocurrency market crash. In the next month or so, however, bitcoin begins to grow and then halts at an extraordinary milestone.

Bitcoin surpassed $65000 in April after the cryptocurrency market crash of 2020. Bitcoin is worth investing even after the cryptocurrency market crash, as many multinational companies support it.

These are just a few of the key reasons to invest in bitcoin.

The Inspiring Initiative In El Salvador: Bitcoin Smiles

Something special is happening in El Salvador. BTCPay Server and Bitcoin Design are partnering to raise 1 BTC for 50 people who need dental care, dentures, and other critical care. This is Bitcoin Smiles.

Enrique Berrios, a dentist, traveled to El Zonte 17 years ago for his dental internship. He ended up staying there for the rest of his life. He wanted to avoid big cities and set up a small practice in El Zonte to provide care for those who needed it. However, he realized that many of the elderly in El Zonte had been neglected and were in desperate need of dental care.

Many elderly people in El Zonte dream of being able to afford dentures or other dental care. Many of their teeth are rotten or have fallen out due to lack of dental care. This makes it difficult for them to eat. Many people have been forced to eat soft tortillas, and have even had to swallow whole food because they can’t chew. Many elderly people in rural areas are unable to travel long distances to Berrios’ dentist office.

Berrios stated that we are trying to help people who really need it. “As I stated, they are forgotten and live alone in rural areas.

All proceeds will be donated to Berrios’ dental office, Diente Zonte. This dental practice provides dental care to patients to improve their lives. All proceeds beyond their goal of 1 BTC will be used to purchase new equipment and supplies that can reach more rural and remote patients.

Berrios stated, “The chance we have of restoring dignity and restoring the confidence of these individuals in health; investing into them as a person and providing them love and the possibility that we could improve the quality of their lives,”

The fundraising campaign has reached 29% towards their goal of 1 BTC at the time of writing. There are currently 13 donors. If you would like to donate or find more information on Bitcoin Smiles, check out their website.

AMC to Accept Bitcoin for Tickets and Concessions Later This Year

AMC Entertainment Holdings is the U.S.’s largest chain of movie theatres. The CEO Adam Aron announced Monday that the company will accept bitcoin payments for tickets, concessions and other purchases by the end the year.

Aron stated that AMC is still in the initial stages of exploring ways AMC could participate in the new cryptocurrency universe. He also said that AMC was interested in potential lucrative business opportunities if it pursues more serious involvement in cryptocurrency.

AMC didn’t specify the technology that it would use for processing payments. There are 593 theaters across the United States and 335 internationally.

Aron stated that AMC will accept Apple Pay and Google Pay payments starting in 2021.

Monday morning, AMC stock traded at $33 per share. The stock gained 13.2% value after the announcement before plummeting to $35 per share at the time.

During the Reddit-driven retail trading frenzy earlier this year, so-called ‘ meme stocks ‘ like GameStop and AMC soared in value. AMC’s decision to accept bitcoin payments indicates that the struggling chain of movie theatres is beginning to see the value in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin reverses weekend rally to drop below US$40,000

Bitcoin fell below US$40,000 on Monday, August 2, after climbing to its highest level since May. The largest cryptocurrency lost as much as 4.9% and traded at US$39.790 in Hong Kong before noon.

Other virtual coins like Ether, which is second in rank, also dropped. Analysts believe profit-taking was behind the declines. This is “just a normal pullback after bullish action”, said Mr Vijay Ayyar of the Asia-Pacific region at crypto exchange Luno in Singapore.

Bitcoin is now back at the top of the US$30,000-US$40,000 trading range, which has been in effect since May’s cryptocurrency rout. Recent weeks have seen support comments from Elon Musk, a billionaire, and Ark Investment Management chief executive Cathiewood. There has also been speculation about Inc’s potential involvement in the cryptocurrency market.

The industry is also under increasing scrutiny. This includes the push by US legislators for tighter regulations on cryptocurrency investors to collect higher taxes to finance a portion of a planned US$550billion (S$744billion) investment in transportation and power systems.

A software update to the Ethereum network is also expected this week, which crypto traders expect. This could increase Ether’s value by reducing the rate at which token supply increases.

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